The Y2K antivirus Crew

The Y2K antivirus Crew

This is myself, Jimmy (Chengi) Kuo, Commander John McCarthy (retired) and Stephen Trilling. Although the photo commemorates us all working together at the y2k rollover in DC, it was taken at the 2003 President’s Initiative to Secure Cyberspace at Stanford University.

4 thoughts on “The Y2K antivirus Crew

  1. At the time this photo was taken, I was working as the Global Director of Education for Trend Micro. Trend’s involvement in government issues like this, together with their embrace of NIAP certification (a project that I began) led in the end to not only tens of millions in business..but a real start to today’s cybersecurity initiatives at the federal level. Jimmy (at the time) was at McAfee, but is now at Microsoft. John McCarthy was with the Coast Guard at the time, and now is in private life, and Stephen Trilling is a big cheese over at Symantec.


      1. And you showed up late in DC just because of this. I will actually write up a blog about that some time. It was great working on that with you, Jimmy! I kept the sign from my door (we each got dedicated offices and direct phone numbers in the world bank where it was set up)


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