3 thoughts on “I never METADATA I didn’t like.

  1. But, the NSA always *did* look at *everything*; that’s always been their job, since about 1952 or so. So, what’s the clamor over? Especially since they are looking at the metadata, that is, the indexing data for the contents. Remember the composer who, years ago, said something insulting about Wagner, but then conceded that “he had a very big ear” (paraphrased)? Well, that’s what they used to say about Mother, yes?


    1. You know, Jae, security workers weren’t surprised in the least. Nor will this ever end. Learn to live in this world.


      1. Has there been a mix-up, David? I’m Jone, and you thought I was Jae Kamel? If you want to blog to him he’s in a group, Fourth Way LA, on FB. And I have to ask, is this not a mix-up in two parts? That is, David, I was suggesting that the journalists and whistle-blowers who spoke (posted, tweeted, shared) during those events, were acting naive. On the other hand, they may have actually been naive; but in either case, it was this writer who was saying “learn to live in this world”, albeit somewhat more politely.
        Perhaps, then, you were busy, overworked, or pressed for time, as I sometimes am, and for those reasons became confused on those two points.


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